Booster stations

MAXIMATOR compressor stations for nitrogen or a wide range of other gases are ready-to-connect units designed to create operating pressures of up to 2400 bar. The devices can be used for all types of testing and filling, gas recovery or other functions requiring a certain high pressure.

The pressure is created using a pneumatic amplifier MAXIMATOR. The booster connects to an existing industrial compressed air duct system. No electrical connection is required to create pressure.

MAXIMATOR compressor stations can be equipped with all types of MAXIMATOR boosters. Limitations are caused only by certain design dimensions, as well as the pump flow rates necessary to perform the corresponding function.

For easy commissioning and trouble-free use, MAXIMATOR booster stations are equipped with all necessary components. They include an air control unit with a combination filter and water separator, a pressure control valve, a pressure gauge, and a manual shut-off valve to shut off the drive air pressure.

MAXIMATOR booster stations can be installed on a base plate, a stainless steel protective frame with panel-mounted controls or in a control cabinet.

On the high pressure side, the station is equipped with a safety valve (expansion valve), as well as a manifold block with one or more pressure connections for connecting the test samples (which can be closed individually or completely).

For indication and control of operating pressure, pressure gauges with liquid damping of accuracy class 1.0 or 1.6 can be supplied (higher accuracies are available on request).

MAXIMATOR compressor stations are supplied ready for connection. For the device to operate, it is necessary to connect only the drive air pipeline, as well as a source of gas input pressure.

Advantages of MAXIMATOR compressor stations:

  • Booster stops when the set final pressure is reached
  • No energy consumption for long pressure holding times
  • No heat dissipation during pressure maintenance phase
  • Elimination of leaks by automatic return flow through the booster
  • Control of operating pressure using simple pressure adjustment in the pneumatic actuator
  • Easy to install, operationally reliable, easy to maintain