High pressure pumps

Compact and inexpensive, MAXIMATOR high-pressure pumps are driven by air or inert gas at pressures from 1 to 10 bar and are capable of pressures up to 7000 bar. They generate pressure in water and oil media, and some are used with special fluids. MAXIMATOR high pressure pumps have a variety of applications in various fields such as: machine engineering, construction, oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, defense and mining industries.

The MAXIMATOR pneumatic drive concept offers a number of advantages:

  • Pressure regulation using manual pressure regulators or pneumatically controlled valves.
  • Pneumatic actuators, i.e. The pumps are especially suitable for use in explosion-proof areas.
  • Stopping the pump when the specified limit pressure is reached
  • Replacing leaks with automatic additional fluid supply from the pump
  • No energy consumption for long periods of pressure maintenance
  • No heat loss during the pressure maintenance phase
  • Easy installation and trouble-free operation of the units. Only connections to the air supply and suction and pressure lines are required.
  • Operationally reliable, easy to install and unpretentious to maintain units, silent in operation.

MAXIMATOR pumps are available in 5 sizes: M, S, G, GX, DPD. Sizes vary depending on their suitability for different fluids handled, speeds and flows and maximum permissible operating pressure. To select and order the hydraulic pump that is best suited for your application, the following parameters must be observed:

1. Working environment

The type of fluid is important when selecting a MAXIMATOR pump, so the wetted material and seal composition are determined by the specific fluid. MAXIMATOR pumps are available for a variety of applications. The two most important standard pumps Designed for use with oil or water .

2. Available air pressure

MAXIMATOR pumps are designed for a maximum pneumatic drive pressure pL = 1 to 10 bar .

3. Required hydraulic outlet pressure and flow capacity.

The outlet pressure indicated in the technical tables of the pumps is based on the maximum pressure of the pneumatic drive pL = 10 bar. The actual outlet pressure in your particular case is determined by the air actuator pressure multiplied by the pressure coefficient, pL * i.

High efficiency MAXIMATOR pumps are ideal for a wide range of oil, water and chemical applications. MAXIMATOR pumps have a pneumatic drive and drive air pressure from 1 to 10 bar. In essence, the operating principle is similar to a piston amplifier, in which the control of the piston in the final position is controlled by a pilot-controlled 4/2-way valve.

MAXIMATOR pumps have a large air piston connected to a smaller diameter plunger. The pressure coefficient is the difference between these two areas and is a method for determining the maximum outlet pressure. Higher pressures are achieved by using higher pressure ratios. MAXIMATOR model numbers reflect the pumps’ pressure ratings, and technical data indicates the exact ratios. Outlet pressure can be easily adjusted using a simple air regulator. By multiplying the pressure rating by the available air pressure in the shop, the rated fluid pressure can be calculated.

MAXIMATOR pumps are self-priming. There is generally no need to use an air line lubricator. The pumped liquid enters the suction chamber as the drive piston moves upward. This suction effect causes the inlet check valve to open and the outlet check valve to close. The downstroke creates pressure on the liquid side. The inlet check valve is closed and the outlet check valve is opened by the pressure generated.

MAXIMATOR liquid pumps operate automatically. As the pressure increases, the number of cycles slows down. The pump stops automatically when the output pressure forces become equal. The pump restarts when there is a slight drop in outlet pressure or an increase in air drive pressure. Pump performance can be affected by a number of conditions, such as frozen muffler or pilot valves (caused by moisture in the air lines), improperly sized air intake lines, and dirty filters.

Series MO and C

up to 1000 bar

Robust design, low weight and wide range of pressure ratios make this series of pumps ideal for a variety of oil/hydraulic applications. They are available in single or double action models.

Oil service pumps

  • Lifting and Jacking – Lifting tables, scissor jacks, beam lifting and aircraft lifting.
  • Hydraulic drive – clamping devices, punches and pin presses, chucks, valve drive.
  • Presses – cold isostatic presses, filter presses, hydraulic presses, hydraulic press actuation and system overload.
  • Rigging and Tightening – Use of cutting, crimping, cable cutters and pipe bending tools, roller tensioning and torque wrenches.
  • Testing – Tensile Testing and Pressure Testing Machines
  • Miscellaneous – lubrication systems

Series M and G

up to 7000 bar

M and G Series pumps are available in single or double acting models with single, double (M and G Series) or triple (M Series only) air heads and stainless steel wetted materials, making them an excellent choice for applications in water.

Water or oil service pumps

  • Hydrostatic testing – valves, tanks, pressure vessels, pressure switches, hoses, pipes and tubes, pressure gauges, cylinders, gauges, casings, blowout preventers, gas cylinders and aircraft components.
  • Tensile and cyclic fatigue testing of the above components
  • Calibration of pressure gauges and transmitters
  • Water cleaning
  • Leak testing
  • Emergency shutdown systems for oil and gas wells
  • Sealing pressure vessels for testing various components
  • Operation and control of service and wellhead equipment

MSF, GSF and GX Series

up to 1450 bar

These two pump series are similar to the previously described M and G series. The MSF and GSF pumps are equipped with PTFE spacers and seals to meet the special requirements of the chemical industry. The GX Series are high performance pumps designed for harsh operating conditions and constructed with environmentally resistant external components. They are ideal for marine applications with stainless steel wetted parts and corrosion-resistant external components.

Pumps for chemical and marine technology

  • Inhibitor Injection of methanol and glycol into wells
  • Coolant injection
  • Aviation and automotive testing – brake fluid, skydrol, transmission fluid and power steering fluid.
  • Pumping chemical liquids and pressurizing

MAXIMATOR pumps for special applications

The DPD series are large double acting pumps providing high flow rates at high pressures up to 2100 bar.

  • Generating test pressure for mandrel extraction machines
  • Intermittent waterjet cutting

One- and two-component injection pumps

Grouting pumps

Infusion pumps

  • Underground mining
  • Consolidation of stone and coal
  • Construction of tunnels and bridges
  • Concrete restoration
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