Hydraulic units

MAXIMATOR hydraulic units for oil, water or aggressive media are ready-to-connect units designed to create operating pressures of up to 7000 bar. The devices can be used for all types of testing, bolt tightening and fastening, or other functions that require a specific pressure.

Pressure occurs using a MAXIMATOR pump with a pneumatic drive. The pump belongs to the side duct system for industrial compressed air. No electrical connection is required to create pressure.

MAXIMATOR hydraulic units can be equipped with all MAXIMATOR pumps. Limitations are due only to the design dimensions, as well as pump flow rates, linings to match the functions.

For simple input into the connector and problematic connection, the station must be equipped with all monitor components. They include an air control unit with a combination filter and water separator, a pressure control valve, a pressure gauge, and a manual shut-off valve to shut off the drive air pressure.

Modular Design Components :

Pump model :

  • MO, S for a maximum pressure of 1000 bar ;
  • M, G for water and oil maximum 7000 bar ;
  • MSF, GSF for special liquids up to 1450 bar

Air control unit :

Consists of a pressure regulator, filter, pressure gauge and shut-off valve.

  • C1 for M series
  • C1.5 for S series
  • C2 for G series

Air safety valve:

Installed in the duct

Tank dimensions :

  • 6.5 l
  • 13 l
  • 30 l
  • 70 l

Standard material is aluminum, stainless steel on request.

Important : MAXIMATOR pumps of the MO and S series are built into the reservoir.

All other series of pumps are installed on top of the tank.

System mobility :

  • Alive
  • T portable
  • K-jack ring

Safety valve:

with return pipeline to the tank

Pressure gauge :

Pressure range/body diameter (class 1.6 /1.0/0.6, with glycerin humidification)

Working fluid :

  • Oil (tank damaged, components galvanized )
  • W water (tank damaged, stainless steel components )
  • BA Stainless steel (tank 1.4571 or 1.4305)

Manifold block with pressure outlet(s):

A1 – 1 output when triggered

A6 – 6 pressure outlets , depending on tank size

Option V: Pressure release shut-off valve (AV1-AV6)

Manual override :

only available for M22–M189, single acting, single stage

Other options :

  • SCHW Float valve for automatic tank filling, i.e. from the water supply
  • SCHL high pressure hose , model SK
  • ZR Additional return connection

Special offers on request

Product code example :

M 189-01/S1/SV/13/F/EV/0-1600(160)/Sh/A2/Ch/SKHL

A unit with a pump type M189-01 with manual override , air control unit “C1”, safety valve, aluminum tank with lid 13 l, on wheels, with manual safety valve EV, pressure gauge 0–1600 bar, Ø 160 mm, for water , manifold block with two pressure outlets , 2 pcs. sleeves